Save over $ 800 per year by switching over to LED Lights. Take advantage of the NSW Government’s Energy Savings Scheme. We are offering NSW residents and businesses to get their old halogen downlights upgraded with new LED lights for only $33 (incl. GST).

Comparison based on 30 standard 50W halogen downlights, at $0.25 kWh charge for 6 hours per day, 7 days per week for 52 weeks.



  • Pay a once off $33 fee to replace an unlimited number of halogen downlights with new LED downlights
  • All installations completed by a trained and licensed electrician
  • Available to NSW residential dwellings and businesses that have existing halogen downlights
  • A minimum of 20 existing halogen downlights is required
  • Replacement LED downlights are non-dimmable.


Use 90% less Electricity

16 year Lifetime

Superior light Quality

Licensed Electrician


Lifetime: 2 years
per light,per year


Lifetime: 18 year
per light,per year



  • 70mm & 90mm Universal Design
  • Optical Lighting Output
  • Recessed Looking
  • Rated Power 5W
  • Lumen Output 515Lm
  • Rated Voltage 220-240Vac
  • Frequency 50Hz
  • Dimmable
  • Installation included by a licenced electrician.
  • Power socket included.
  • Accredited by the NSW Government.
  • 5W
  • Warm White


FREEWATTS PTY LTD can create Energy Savings Certificates by carrying out LED lighting upgrades, which will reduce the amount of energy used on households or businesses.

For each megawatt hour of energy saved, FREEWATTS PTY LTD will create one Energy Savings Certificate (ESC). These Energy Saving Certificates are then sold to scheme participants such as energy retailers, who have an obligation under the Energy Savings Scheme to meet energy saving targets.

  • Eligibility requirements under the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits method  of the NSW Energy Saving Scheme(ESS).
  • Offer only for NSW.
  • Offer only for residential dwellings and small businesses.
  • Offer per site.
  • For Residential dwellings, there is no limit on the number of LED lights to be replaced.
  • For Small businesses, the electricity consumption must be below 100MWh per year or 273KWh per day.
  • Scanned copy of the electricity bill will be required.
  • Pricing is based on standard height ceilings, with standard removable, light fittings that have surface sockets installed.
  • Minimum of 10 lights to be replaced in order to obtain the offer price. There is no upper limit.
  • Lights to be replaced by LED downlights must be 35W or 50W halogen downlights.
  • All dimmers will need to be disabled at an extra cost per dimmer of $20.00(Including GST).
  • Payments to be done by Bank deposit, Credit Card or Paypal. Cash is not accepted.
  • Price includes GST and Installation.
  • All light fittings must be in working order and accessible from within the premise.
  • Photographic evidence of the premises, old lights and new lights installed will be required to comply with the NSW Energy Saving Scheme.
  • Customer Nomination and Post- Implementation declarations will be required in order to comply with the NSW Energy Saving Scheme.
  • Business customers must have a valid ABN and registered address, which must match the address on the electricity bill, and cannot be a residential dwelling.
  • Products shown on the website are only informative and may vary to the products to be installed on site depending on availability. However FREEWATTS PTY LTD will only install LED lights approved by the NSW Energy Saving Scheme.
  • All removed products will need to be taken by our representatives to be properly disposed of according to the NSW ESS.
  • LED downlights will be replaced only if the existing transformer is compatible according to the supplier compatibility list.

  • LED lights come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty unless specified otherwise.
    • In the case that the product is no longer available on the market, a similar product will be supplied.
  • One-year-warranty on the labour.

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